CANNES — Delivering a MipTV media mastermind keynote, Amazon’s Roy Price, one of the execs who holds the current keys to world entertainment’s future, walked on to the stage at MipTV on Monday dressed in a smart black biker’s jacket, black jeans, short cowboy boots.

Price’s sartorial line, closer to a creative than a exec, is a known. So was much of what he said at MipTV, as he played his cards close to his chest in a half-hour Q & A where the freshest element provide to be extracts from  the upcoming hour-long action series “Jack Ryan,” showing Calmcy’s character as a kick ass young operative.

“The key question is how Amazon Prime Video positions itself against Netflix: Will it pursue the network strategy globally, bringing on more third-party content like Starz, HBO, as it does in the U.S., or the platform strategy, becoming a premium channel, which is clearly the way Netflix is headed,” Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson said.

The former would benefit Amazon Web Services; a premium channel drive requires major investment in high-end original content, Bisson added.

Head of Amazon Studios, Price passed on a question as to how much Amazon would be raising its content budget, in originals or acquisition, put at $3 billion for 2016 by interviewer Scott Roxborough, The Hollywood Reporter’s European Bureau Chief.

He was clear, however, about the metrics by which Amazon judged a show’s success: “We certainly pay attention to whether subscribers are engaging with the show and is it influencing people to stay subscribed, influencing people on the free trial to convert and become subscribers, or getting people into the trial.”

Price added: “If people are engaged with Amazon Prime Video, they tend to see the broad value and range of services and engage. If we get them there that’s a win.”

The top two shows in most of Amazon’s 240 countries are usually “Grand Tour” and “Man in the High Castle. “Those shows are bringing in and keeping customers and that’s a big area of focus,” Price said, defending “Grand Tour’s” unspecified but controversially large budget, saying the car lifestyle show is “actually efficient and good economics.”

Price also confirmed that Amazon will drive into local production, though he didn’t reveal any timetable or production volume targets.

“You have a base-coat of international global shows like ‘Grand Tour’ but all customers are local. So you have to pursue a multi-local strategy where you seek out the great artists in each territory,” he said, citing Amazon’s first German TV series “You Are Wanted,” which posted Amazon’s biggest opening ever in Germany.

Driving engagement, Amazon’s prime focus is “the crème de la crème, the top five-to-ten shows in the world people are talking about in real life at lunch.” To get them, “you’ve got to go big-time and get people who do things differently and bring something fresh and different,” he insisted.

“Bigger doesn’t have to be dragons and spaceships,” he added by way of explanation: “Maybe it’s being more real and contemporary and fresh, or maybe it’s bigger and more cinematic in 4k and HDR.”

Produced by Paramount TV and Skydance Television is currently in production, and has shot in Tokyo, India, Canary Islands, Europe, the U.S.” It’s got to the point where you can’t possibly visit all the sets, so hopefully everyone is working today,” Price joked.

From the world premiering scene assembly screened at MipTV, “Jack Ryan” looks like it delivers on its premise of bringing Tom Clancy’s iconic character into a modern age.

Ryan (John Krasinski), a young strapping desk-bound CIA analyst is already adept at combat. He’s shown in one scene doing serious damage to a wall with an assailant’s head. He studies the communication patterns of a terrorist suspect, realizing that he is on track to raise $9 million in eight days. “The whole 9/11 operation cost just $500,000. What do you think he can do wit 2o times that money,” he tells a colleague.

Desperate to shut down the terrorist before he wreaks global damage, the CIA takes Ryan off his desk job and puts him in the line of fire. Kick-ass and kinetic, with a thundering soundtrack, “Jack Ryan” will be released on Amazon Prime Video probably in first quarter 2018, Price said.